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DateTitle Authors
Apr-2014 Price Level Changes and the Redistribution of Nominal Wealth Across the Euro AreaAdam, Klaus / Zhu, Junyi
2010 Reducing vulnerability through microfinance: Evidence from Indian self help group programSwain, Ranjula Bali / Floro, Maria
2012 Who is at the top? Wealth mobility over the life cycleHochguertel, Stefan / Ohlsson, Henry
2014 Livestock as an imperfect buffer stock in poorly integrated marketsLange, Simon / Reimers, Malte
2014 How important is variability in consumer credit limits?Fulford, Scott L.
2014 Consumer cash usage: A cross-country comparison with payment diary survey dataBagnall, John / Bounie, David / Huynh, Kim P. / Kosse, Anneke / Schmidt, Tobias / Schuh, Scott / Stix, Helmut
2013 House prices, consumption and the role of non-mortgage debtKartashova, Katya / Tomlin, Ben
2009 Simulations du ratio du service de la dette des consommateurs en utilisant des données microDjoudad, Ramdane
2008 Market structure and the diffusion of e-commerce: Evidence from the retail banking industryAllen, Jason / Clark, Robert / Houde, Jean-François
2008 Indebtedness and the household financial health: An examination of the Canadian debt service ratio distributionFaruqui, Umar

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