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DateTitle Authors
2008 Motivating altruism: a field studyLacetera, Nicola / Macis, Mario
2010 Can we measure individual risk attitudes in a survey?Ding, Xiaohao / Hartog, Joop / Sun, Yuze
2014 Conspicuous Consumption in the United States and ChinaJinkins, David
2003 Time, money, peers, and parents : some data and theories on teenage behaviorKooreman, Peter
2004 Charity Donations and the Euro Introduction : Some Quasi-Experimental Evidence on Money IllusionKooreman, Peter / Faber, Riemer / Hofmans, Heleen
2007 Why are saving rates of urban households in China rising?Chamon, Marcos / Prasad, Eswar
2008 A public good version of the collective household model: an empirical approach with an application to British household datavan Klaveren, Chris / van Praag, Bernard / Maassen van den Brink, Henriëtte
2007 Gender differences in charitable givingPiper, Greg / Schnepf, Sylke Viola
2011 Consumer Demand for Healthy Diet: New Evidence from the Healthy Eating IndexGao, Zhifeng / Yu, Xiaohua / Lee, Jonq-Ying
2008 Háztartási fogyasztói magatartás és jólét Magyarországon: Kísérlet egy modell adaptációjáraCseres-Gergely, Zsombor / Molnár, György

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