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1977 A Comparative Study of Complete Systems of Demand FunctionsKlevmarken, Anders
1998 The competition of user networks: Ergodicity, lock-ins, and metastabilityWoeckener, Bernd W.
2014 The magic of storytelling: How curiosity and aesthetic preferences workBianchi, Marina
2006 Differentiated annuities in a pooling equilibriumSheshinski, Eytan
2013 Afriat's Theorem for Indivisible GoodsForges, Francoise / Iehlé, Vincent
1999 Hedging Price Risk When Real Wealth MattersAdam-Müller, Axel F. A.
2011 Taxing a commodity with and without revenue neutrality: An exploration using a calibrated theoretical consumer equilibrium modelDenton, Frank T. / Mountain, Dean C.
2014 Market discrimination, market participation and control over revenue: A gendered analysis of Cameroon's cocoa producersBanerjee, Debosree / Klasen, Stephan / Wollni, Meike
2014 The impact of market innovations on the evolution of norms: the sustainability caseMüller, Stephan / von Wangenheim, Georg
2014 Dealing with a Liquidity Trap when Government Debt Matters: Optimal Time-Consistent Monetary and Fiscal PolicyBurgert, Matthias / Schmidt, Sebastian

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