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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Peer effects and social preferences in voluntary cooperationThöni, Christian; Gächter, Simon
2011The development of egalitarianism, altruism, spite and parochialism in childhood and adolescenceFehr, Ernst; Rützler, Daniela; Sutter, Matthias
2010Beauty queens and battling knights: Risk taking and attractiveness in chessDreber, Anna; Gerdes, Christer; Gränsmark, Patrik
2010Social ties and subjective performance evaluations: An empirical investigationBreuer, Kathrin; Nieken, Petra; Sliwka, Dirk
2011Is there selection bias in laboratory experiments? The case of social and risk preferencesCleave, Blair L.; Nikiforakis, Nikos; Slonim, Robert
2009Can behavioral finance models account for historical asset prices?ap Gwilym, Rhys
2009Moralische Gefühle als Grundlage einer wohlstandschaffenden Wettbewerbsordnung: ein neuer Ansatz zur Erforschung von Sozialkapital und seine Anwendung auf ChinaHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2011Did we overestimate the role of social preferences? The case of self-selected student samplesFalk, Armin; Meier, Stephan; Zehnder, Christian
2013Self-selection into economics experiments is driven by monetary rewardsAbeler, Johannes; Nosenzo, Daniele
2010Self selection does not increase other-regarding preferences among adult laboratory subjects, but student subjects may be more self-regarding than adultsAnderson, Jon; Burks, Stephen V.; Carpenter, Jeffrey; Götte, Lorenz; Maurer, Karsten; Nosenzo, Daniele; Potter, Ruth; Rocha, Kim; Rustichini, Aldo