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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011The effect of religiosity and religious festivals on positional concerns: An experimental investigation of RamadanAkay, Alpaslan; Karabulut, Gökhan; Martinsson, Peter
2012Positional concerns through the life cycle: Evidence from subjective well-being data and survey experimentsAkay, Alpaslan; Martinsson, Peter
2009Does positional concern matter in poor societies? Evidence from a survey experiment in rural EthiopiaAkay, Alpaslan; Martinsson, Peter; Medhin, Haileselassie
2010Self selection does not increase other-regarding preferences among adult laboratory subjects, but student subjects may be more self-regarding than adultsAnderson, Jon; Burks, Stephen V.; Carpenter, Jeffrey P.; Goette, Lorenz; Maurer, Karsten; Nosenzo, Daniele; Potter, Ruth; Rocha, Kim; Rustichini, Aldo
2013The importance of the cognitive environment for intertemporal choiceKuhn, Michael A.; Kuhn, Peter Joseph; Villeval, Marie-Claire
2005The neuroeconomics of mind reading and empathySinger, Tania; Fehr, Ernst
2005Neuroeconomic foundations of trust and social preferencesFehr, Ernst; Fischbacher, Urs; Kosfeld, Michael
2011Did we overestimate the role of social preferences? The case of self-selected student samplesFalk, Armin; Meier, Stephan; Zehnder, Christian
2001Should the Same Side of the Market always move first in a Transaction? An Experimental Studyvan der Heijden, Eline C.M.; Nelissen, Jan H.M.; Verbon, Harrie A.A.
2014Bidding for Nothing? The Pitfalls of overly Neutral FramingDürsch, Peter; Muller, Julia