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2010 Social information and bandwagon behaviour in voting: An economic experimentBischoff, Ivo / Egbert, Henrik
2002 The Duhem-Quine thesis and experimental economics: A reinterpretationSøberg, Morten
2002 A laboratory stress-test of bid, double and offer auctionsSøberg, Morten
2010 The effects of enforced reflection in three simple experimentsFrank, Björn
2013 Motives of pro-social behavior in individual versus collective decisions: A comparative experimental studyBischoff, Ivo / Krauskopf, Thomas
2015 The Effect of Incentives on Real Effort: Evidence from the Slider Taskde Araujo, Felipe Augusto / Carbone, Erin / Conell-Price, Lynn / Dunietz, Marli W. / Jaroszewicz, Ania / Landsman, Rachel / Lamé, Diego / Vesterlund, Lise / Wang, Stephanie / Wilson, Alistair J.
2001 Simultaneous over- and underconfidence: Evidence from experimental asset marketsMaciejovsky, Boris / Kirchler, Erich
2001 Should the Same Side of the Market always move first in a Transaction? An Experimental Studyvan der Heijden, Eline C.M. / Nelissen, Jan H.M. / Verbon, Harrie A.A.
2014 Bidding for Nothing? The Pitfalls of overly Neutral FramingDürsch, Peter / Muller, Julia
2011 Relative concerns of rural-to-urban migrants in ChinaAkay, Alpaslan / Bargain, Olivier / Zimmermann, Klaus F.

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