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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009Understanding the two components of risk attitudes: An experimental analysisQiu, Jianying; Steiger, Eva-Maria
2015The Ambiguity Triangle: Uncovering Fundamental Patterns of Behavior Under UncertaintyBurghart, Daniel R.; Epper, Thomas; Fehr, Ernst
2009Fehlende Daten beim Record Linkage von Prozess- und Befragungsdaten: Ein empirischer Vergleich ausgewählter Missing Data TechnikenKrug, Gerhard
2007Valuation equilibriumJehiel, Philippe; Samet, Dov
2008Caller Number Five and related timing gamesPark, Andreas; Smith, Lones
2016Savage gamesGrant, Simon; Meneghel, Idione; Tourky, Rabee
2015The Bank for the Accounts of Companies Harmonized (BACH) databaseTarta, Alina; de Almeida, Ana Margarida; De Socio, Antonio; Gutiérrez del Olmo, Begoña; Wtulich, Bozena; Buydens, Cécile; Lemmens-Dirix, Chantal; Cahn, Christophe; Sokolowska, Ewa; Albuquerque, Fábio; Balda, Fabrizio; Lemaire, Franck; Demarteau, Henri; Cano, José Ramón; Thiebot-Goget, Karelle; Holstein, Lars; Maza, Luis Ángel; Brites, Margarida; Bürker, Matthias; BACH Working Group
2013A Study of Outcome Reporting Bias Using Gender Differences in Risk AttitudesCrosetto, Paolo; Filippin, Antonio; Heider, Janna
2000DEA problems under geometrical or probability uncertainties of sample dataAlthaler, Karl S.; Slavova, Tatjana
2015An extended n-player network game and simulation of four investment strategies on a complex innovation networkZhou, Wen; Koptyug, Nikita; Ye, Shutao; Jia, Yifan; Lu, Xiaolong