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DateTitle Authors
2003 History of Historical Statistics of the United StatesUllman Chiswick, Carmel
2006 Alternative tax-benefit strategies to support children in the European Union: Recent reforms in Austria, Spain and the UKLevy, Horacio / Lietz, Christine / Sutherland, Holly
2014 The Mannheim Enterprise Panel (MUP) and firm statistics for GermanyBersch, Johannes / Gottschalk, Sandra / Müller, Bettina / Niefert, Michaela
2015 Going beyond simple sample size calculations: A practitioner's guideMcConnell, Brendon / Vera-Hernández, Marcos
2007 Ubiquitous Social Networks: Opportunities and Challenges for Privacy-Aware User ModellingPreibusch, Sören / Hoser, Bettina / Gürses, Seda / Berendt, Bettina
2004 Automatic Identification of Faked and Fraudulent Interviews in Surveys by Two Different MethodsSchäfer, Christin / Schräpler, Jörg-Peter / Müller, Klaus-Robert / Wagner, Gert G.
2014 Dissatisfied with life or with being interviewed? Happiness and motivation to participate in a surveyChadi, Adrian
2003 Identification, Characteristics and Impact of Faked Interviews in Surveys : An analysis by means of genuine fakes in the raw data of SOEPWagner, Gert G. / Schraepler, Joerg-Peter
2003 Identification, characteristics and impact of faked interviews in surveys : an analysis by means of genuine fakes in the raw data of SOEPSchraepler, Joerg-Peter / Wagner, Gert G.
2008 Tax loss offset restrictions - last resort for the treasury? An empirical evaluation of tax loss offset restrictions based on micro dataDwenger, Nadja

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