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2004 On the Extreme Points of Two Polytopes associated with a Digraph and Applications to Cooperative Gamesvan den Brink, René / van der Laan, Gerard / Vasil'ev, Valeri
2005 Majority voting leads to unanimityAsheim, Geir B. / Claussen, Carl Andreas / Nilssen, Tore
2004 Null or Zero Players: The Difference between the Shapley Value and the Egalitarian Solutionvan den Brink, René
2011 Competitive outcomes and the inner core of NTU market gamesBrangewitz, Sonja / Gamp, Jan-Philip
2009 Intercultural trust. An experiment in Austria and JapanNetzer, Robert Jiro / Sutter, Matthias
2012 The Shapley value without efficiency and additivityCasajus, André
2012 Null players, solidarity, and the egalitarian Shapley valuesCasajus, André / Hüttner, Frank
2012 Nullifying vs. dummifying players or nullified vs. dummified players: The difference between the equal division value and the equal surplus division valueCasajus, André / Hüttner, Frank
2012 Solidarity and fair taxation in TU gamesCasajus, André
2011 A shapley value approach to pricing climate risksCooke, Roger M.

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