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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010Start-up subsidies for the unemployed: long-term evidence and effect heterogeneityCaliendo, Marco; Künn, Steffen
2009The effectiveness of regional active labour market policies to fight against unemployment: an analysis for CataloniaRamos, Raúl; Suriñach, Jordi; Artís, Manuel
2010Selective reductions in labor taxation: Labor market adjustments and macroeconomic performanceBatyra, Anna; Sneessens, Henri R.
2014Unobservable, but Unimportant? The Influence of Personality Traits (and Other Usually Unobserved Variables) for the Evaluation of Labor Market PoliciesCaliendo, Marco; Mahlstedt, Robert; Mitnik, Oscar A.
2004Evaluating Labor Market Reforms : A General Equilibrium ApproachGaldon-Sanchez, José Enrique; Fernández-Villaverde, Jesús; Alonso-Borrego, César
2004Do Migrants Get Good Jobs? : New Migrant Settlement in AustraliaJunankar, P. N. (Raja); Mahuteau, Stéphane
2014Measurement of use value and non-use value of environmental quality consistent with general equilibrium approachSakamoto, Naoki; Nakajima, Kazunori
2014Employment and Earnings Effects of Awarding Training Vouchers in GermanyDoerr, Annabelle; Fitzenberger, Bernd; Kruppe, Thomas; Paul, Marie; Strittmatter, Anthony
2014Regional economic impact of fishing and hunting in FinlandZimoch, Urszula; Törmä, Hannu; Kinnunen, Jouko; Rautiainen, Mikko
2009Vacancy referrals, job search, and the duration of unemployment: a randomized experimentEngström, Per; Hesselius, Patrik; Holmlund, Bertil