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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011Effects of monetary policy on the $/£ exchange rate. Is there a 'delayed overshooting puzzle'?Heinlein, Reinhold; Krolzig, Hans-Martin
2013Monetary Policy and Exchange Rates: A Balanced Two-Country Cointegrated VAR Model ApproachHeinlein, Reinhold; Krolzig, Hans-Martin
2017A Stochastic Recurrence Equation Approach to Stationarity and phi-Mixing of a Class of Nonlinear ARCH ModelsBlasques, Francisco; Nientker, Marc
2016Identification and Estimation of the Environmental Kuznets Curve: Pairwise Differencing to Deal with Nonlinearity and NonstationaritySen, Suphi; Melenberg, Bertrand; Vollebergh, Herman R. J.
2011Debt sustainability and financial crises: Evidence from the GIIPSLegrenzi, Gabriella Deborah; Milas, Costas
2001The monetary transmission mechanism at the euro-area level: issues and results using structural macroeconomic modelsMcAdam, Peter; Morgan, Julian
2016Tricks for improving non-homogeneous regression for probabilistic precipitation forecasts: Perfect predictions, heavy tails, and link functionsGebetsberger, Manuel; Messner, Jakob W.; Mayr, Georg J.; Zeileis, Achim
2015Exports and domestic demand pressure: a dynamic panel data model for the euro area countriesBobeica, Elena; Soares Esteves, Paulo; Rua, António; Staehr, Karsten
2004A true expert knows which question should be asked.Dekel, Eddie; Feinberg, Yossi
2009Life-Cycle Variations in the Association between Current and Lifetime Earnings – Evidence for German Natives and Guest WorkersBrenner, Jan