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DateTitle Authors
2000 Evaluation of Swedish youth labour market programmesLarsson, Laura
2005 Common stationary and non-stationary factors in the euro area analyzed in a large-scale factor modelEickmeier, Sandra
2010 In search of the marginal entrepreneur: Benchmarking regulatory frameworks in their effect on entrepreneurshipHagedorn, Hendrik
2014 Nonparametric estimates for conditional quantiles of time seriesFranke, Jürgen / Mwita, Peter / Wang, Weining
2006 The Hungarian quarterly projection model (NEM)Benk, Szilárd / Jakab, Zoltán M. / Kovács, Mihály András / Párkányi, Balázs / Reppa, Zoltán / Vadas, Gábor
2005 Evidence and Ideology in Macroeconomics: The Case of Investment CyclesHillinger, Claude
2015 Resurgence of the endogeneity-backed instrumental variable methodsQin, Duo
2006 Science and Ideology in Economic, Political, and Social ThoughtHillinger, Claude
2010 Industrial localization and countries' specialization in the European Union: An empirical investigationKrenz, Astrid / Rübel, Gerhard
2013 Analysis of deviance in generalized partial linear modelsHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / Huang, Li-shan

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