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DateTitle Authors
2003 Herding, A-synchronous Updating and Heterogeneity in Memory in a CBSDiks, Cees / van der Weide, Roy
2008 Yield curve factors, term structure volatility, and bond risk premiaHautsch, Nikolaus / Ou, Yangguoyi
2008 Explaining and forecasting results of the Self-Sufficiency ProjectFerrall, Christopher
2010 Spain in the euro: A general equilibrium analysisAndrés, Javier / Hurtado, Samuel / Ortega, Eva / Thomas, Carlos
2013 Inter-format competition among retailers: The role of private label products in market delineationHaucap, Justus / Heimeshoff, Ulrich / Klein, Gordon J. / Rickert, Dennis / Wey, Christian
2007 Perspectives on the world income distribution: beyond twin peaks towards welfare conclusionsHolzmann, Hajo / Vollmer, Sebastian / Weisbrod, Julian
2012 Yield curve modeling and forecasting using semiparametric factor dynamicsHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / Majer, Piotr
2009 Analyse der Übertragung US-amerikanischer Schocks auf Deutschland auf Basis eines FAVAREickmeier, Sandra
2011 In- and out-of-sample specification analysis of spot rate models: Further evidence for the period 1982-2008Cai, Lili / Swanson, Norman R.
2013 The Maximum Number of Parameters for the Hausman Test When the Estimators are from Different Sets of EquationsNawata, Kazumitsu / McAleer, Michael

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