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DateTitle Authors
1999 Analyzing the Time between Trades with a Gamma Compounded Hazard Model. An Application to LIFFE Bund Future TransactionsHautsch, Nikolaus
2003 A simple procedure for the evaluation of treatment effects on duration variablesAbbring, Jaap H. / van den Berg, Gerard J.
2002 Una introducción a la dinámica de la pobreza en la ArgentinaPaz, Jorge A.
2008 Mudanças no mercado de trabalho retiram famílias da pobreza? Determinantes domiciliares e agregados para a saída da pobreza nas regiões metropolitanas do BrasilMachado, Ana Flávia / Ribas, Rafael Perez
2013 How unemployment insurance savings accounts affect employment duration: Evidence from ChileNagler, Paula
2014 Localising forward intensities for multiperiod corporate defaultDedy Dwi Prastyo / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2004 How changes in financial incentives affect the duration of unemploymentLalive, Rafael / van Ours, Jan C. / Zweimüller, Josef
2006 Unemployment Dynamics among Migrants and NativesUhlendorff, Arne / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2007 Always poor or never poor and nothing in between? : Duration of child poverty in GermanyFertig, Michael / Tamm, Marcus
2009 Government deficits in the European Union : an analysis of entry and exit dynamicsBayar, Ali / Smeets, Bram

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