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2001 Temporary layoffs and the duration of unemploymentRøed, Knut / Nordberg, Morten
1999 Unemployment duration in a non-stationary macroeconomic environmentRøed, Knut / Zhang, Tao
2002 The duration and outcome of unemployment spells: The role of economic incentivesRøed, Knut / Zhang, Tao
2006 The Unobserved Heterogeneity Distribution in Duration AnalysisAbbring, Jaap H. / van den Berg, Gerard J.
2007 Conjugal Bereavement Effects on Health and Mortality at Advanced Agesvan den Berg, Gerard J. / Lindeboom, Maarten / Portrait, France
2000 Weakening the SALANT-condition for the comparison of mean durationsRiese, Martin
2000 Job stability trends, layoffs and quits: An empirical analysis for West GermanyBergemann, Annette / Mertens, Antje
1999 Job stability trends and labor market (re-)entry in West Germany 1984 - 1997Mertens, Antje
2012 Between familial imprinting and institutional regulation: Family related employment interruptions of women in Germany before and after the German reunificationDrasch, Katrin
2003 The recall and new job search of laid-off workers: A bivariate proportional hazard model with unobserved heterogeneityFallick, Bruce / Ryu, Keunkwan

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