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DateTitle Authors
2004 Is Silence Golden? Patents versus Secrecy at the Firm LevelHussinger, Katrin
2005 Application of a simple nonparametric conditional quantile function estimator in unemployment duration analysisWilke, Ralf A. / Wichert, Laura
2008 Innovation on Demand: Can Public Procurement Drive Market Success of InnovationsAschhoff, Birgit / Sofka, Wolfgang
2008 A likelihood ratio test for stationarity of rating transitionsWeißbach, Rafael / Walter, Ronja
2014 Are there bubbles in stock prices? Testing for fundamental shocksVelinov, Anton / Chen, Wenjuan
1999 Interpreting aggregate wage growthBlundell, Richard / Reed, Howard / Stoker, Thomas
1998 Transition from School to Work: Search Time and Job DurationBratberg, Espen / Nilsen, Øivind Anti
2010 Retirement Choices in Italy: What an Option Value Model tells usBelloni, Michele / Alessie, Rob
2007 How to Adjust for Nonignorable Nonresponse: Calibration, Heckit or FIML?Johansson, Fredrik
2003 Bank Lending Policy, Credit Scoring and the Survival of LoansRoszbach, Kasper

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