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2005 A note on decompositions in fixed effects models in the presence of time-invariant characteristicsHeitmüller, Axel
2012 Unemployment persistence: How important are non-cognitive skills?Blázquez Cuesta, Maite / Budría, Santiago
2004 A bootstrap procedure for panel datasets with many cross-sectional unitsKapetanios, George
2004 Dynamic factor extraction of cross-sectional dependence in panel unit root testsKapetanios, George
2007 A robust bootstrap approach to the Hausman test in stationary panel data modelsHerwartz, Helmut / Neumann, Michael H.
2006 Euro corporate bonds risk factorsCastagnetti, Carolina / Rossi, Eduardo
2014 Temporal, Spatial, Economic and Crime Factors in Illicit Drug Usage across European CitiesCommandeur, Jacques J.F. / Vujic, Suncica / Koopman, Siem Jan / Kasprzyk-Hordern, Barbara
2015 Global Credit Risk: World, Country and Industry FactorsSchwaab, Bernd / Koopman, Siem Jan / Lucas, André
2010 The Life-Cycle Hypothesis Revisited: Evidence on Housing Consumption after RetirementBeblo, Miriam / Schreiber, Sven
2002 Core inflation in the euro area: An application of the generalized dynamic factor modelHahn, Elke

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