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2012 Modelling FDI based on a spatially augmented gravity model: Evidence for Central and Eastern European CountriesLeibrecht, Markus / Riedl, Aleksandra
2008 Wirkung und Effizienz von Strafrecht: "Was geht?" - bei jungen Gewalttätern?Entorf, Horst
2002 Optimal Cover Prices and the Effects of Website Provision on Advertising and Magazine DemandKaiser, Ulrich
2010 The aggregate Le Chatelier Samuelson principle with Cournot competitionKoebel, Bertrand M. / Laisney, François
2001 The Valuation and Hedging of Variable Rate Savings Accountde Jong, Frank / Wielhouwer, Jacco
2013 Linear regression for panel with unknown number of factors as interactive fixed effectsMoon, Hyungsik Roger / Weidner, Martin
2014 Assessing and relaxing assumptions in quasi-simplex modelsCernat, Alexandru / Lugtig, Peter / Uhrig, S.C. Noah / Watson, Nicole
2007 Heterogeneity in consumer demands and the income effect: Evidence from panel dataChristensen, Mette
2013 Marginal intra-industry trade and adjustment costs in labour marketLeitão, Nuno Carlos / Dima, Bogdan / Stefana, Dima Cristea
2009 Unintended effects of national-based active labour market policiesAltavilla, Carlo / Caroleo, Floro Ernesto

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