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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003Selection bias, comparative advantage and heterogeneous returns to education: Evidence from China in 2000Heckman, James; Li, Xuesong
2003Estimating distributions of treatment effects with an application to the returns to schooling and measurement of the effects of uncertainty on college choiceCarneiro, Pedro; Hansen, Karsten; Heckman, James
2003Using matching, instrumental variables and control functions to estimate economic choice modelsHeckman, James; Navarro-Lozano, Salvador
2003Fifty Years of Mincer Earnings RegressionsHeckman, James Joseph; Lochner, Lance J.; Todd, Petra E.
2002The Performance of Performance StandardsHeckman, James Joseph; Heinrich, Carolyn J.; Smith, Jeffrey A.
Jun-2002Risikominderung durch eine optimierte Investmentstrategie für Anlagen zur AltersicherungScholtz, Hellmut D.
2010A parametric control function approach to estimating the returns to schooling in the absence of exclusion restrictions: An application to the NLSYFarré, Lídia; Klein, Roger; Vella, Francis
2008A spatial Cliff-ord-type model with heteroskedastic innovations: small and large sample resultsArraiz, Irani; Drukker, David M.; Kelejian, Harry H.; Prucha, Ingmar R.
2008Specification and estimation of spatial autoregressive models with autoregressive and heteroskedastic disturbancesKelejian, Harry H.; Prucha, Ingmar R.
2013Common Correlated Effects Estimation of Heterogeneous Dynamic Panel Data Models with Weakly Exogenous RegressorsChudik, Alexander; Pesaran, M. Hashem