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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006A reappraisal of the evidence on PPP: a systematic investigation into MA roots in panel unit root tests and their implicationsFischer, Christoph; Porath, Daniel
2010Inflation, price dispersion and market integration through the lens of a monetary search modelBecker, Sascha; Nautz, Dieter
2013Estimando o desalinhamento cambial: Metodologia para cálculo de bandas de precisãoMarçal, Emerson Fernandes
2013Estimando o desalinhamento cambial brasileiro: Um análise de robustez a partir do modelo global com mecanismo de correção de errosMarçal, Emerson Fernandes
2012Internet offer prices for flats and their determinants: A cross section of large European citiesKholodilin, Konstantin A.
2013La escasa relevancia de la información contable sobre los activos intangibles en la valoración de las empresas innovadoras españolas: El caso de los sectores farmacéutico y biotecnológicoRubio Martín, Gracia; Rodríguez Paredes, Mercedes; Maroto Acín, Juan Antonio
2016What has been happening to UK income inequality since the mid-1990s? Answers from reconciled and combined household survey and tax return dataBurkhauser, Richard V.; Hérault, Nicolas; Jenkins, Stephen P.; Wilkins, Roger
2014Beat the heap: An imputation strategy for valid inferences from rounded income dataDrechsler, Jörg; Kiesl Hans
2005Blinder-Oaxaca Decomposition for Tobit ModelsBauer, Thomas K.; Sinning, Mathias
2015Purchasing power parity in transition countries: Panel stationary test with smooth and sharp breaksBahmani-Oskooee, Mohsen; Chang, Tsangyao; Wu, Tsung-Pao