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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011Managerial valuation of applicant credentials and personal traits in hiring decisionsJones, James R.; Co, Catherine Y.; Harter, James K.; Yun, Myeong-Su
2004Are there asymmetries in the effects of training on the conditional male wage distribution?Arulampalam, Wiji; Booth, Alison L.; Bryan, Mark L.
2005Educational qualifications and wage inequality: evidence for EuropeBudría, Santiago; Pereira, Pedro Telhado
2001Is there a Return-Risk Link in Education?Pereira, Pedro Telhado; Martins, Pedro Silva
2009Exploring international differences in rates of return to education: Evidence from EU SILCDavia, Maria A.; McGuinness, Seamus; O'Connell, Philip, J.
2011Análisis de la sustitución de fuentes energéticas en BoliviaAliaga Lordemann, Javier; Capriles, Alejandro
2007Wann werden Serviceleistungen nachgefragt? Ein Mikrosimulationsmodell alternativer Ladenöffnungszeiten mit Daten der Zeitbudgeterhebung - ServSimMerz, Joachim; Böhm, Paul; Hanglberger, Dominik; Rucha, Rafael; Stolze, Henning
2009The timing of daily demand for goods and services: Multivariate probit estimates and microsimulation results for an aged population with German time use diary dataMerz, Joachim; Hanglberger, Dominik; Rucha, Rafael
2012What do people know about the economy? A test of minimal economic knowledge in GermanyWobker, Inga; Lehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco; Kenning, Peter; Gigerenzer, Gerd
2004Adoption of e-business: patterns and consequences of network externalitiesSchade, Christian; Köllinger, Philipp