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2004 Detection of structural breaks in linear dynamic panel data modelsWachter, Stefan de / Tzavalis, Elias
2003 Forecasting the Interindustry Development of the German Economy: The Model I FORGELutz, Christian / Meyer, Bernd / Distelkamp, Martin / Wolter, Marc Ingo
2008 Sobre o painel da pesquisa mensal de emprego (PME) do IBGERibas, Rafael Perez / Soares, Sergei Suarez Dillon
2013 Feasible estimation of linear models with N-fixed effectsRios-Avila, Fernando
2006 The Effect of Economic Reforms of 1980s and of the Customs Union 1996 upon the Turkish Intra-Industry TradeAkkoyunlu, Sule / Kholodilin, Konstantin Arkadievich / Siliverstovs, Boriss
2005 Estimating the COGARCH(1,1) model: a first goHaug, Stephan / Klüppelberg, Claudia / Lindner, A. / Zapp, M.
2014 A simultaneous confidence corridor for varying coefficient regression with sparse functional dataGu, Lijie / Wang, Li / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl / Yang, Lijian
2010 Inflation, price dispersion and market integration through the lens of a monetary search modelBecker, Sascha / Nautz, Dieter
2010 A note on the time series measure of conservatismBrauer, Sebastian / Westermann, Frank
2005 Pricing-to-market or hysteresis? An empirical investigation of German exportsPenkova, Emilia

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