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DateTitle Authors
2009 Simple regression based tests for spatial dependenceBorn, Benjamin / Breitung, Jörg
2008 Household expenditure on cigarettes and tobacco in SyriaAlachkar, Ahmad
2013 The Short- and Long-Term Effects of School Choice on Student Outcomes - Evidence from a School Choice Reform in SwedenWondratschek, Verena / Edmark, Karin / Frölich, Markus
2010 Spatial and temporal diffusion of house prices in the UKHolly, Sean / Pesaran, Mohammad Hashem / Yamagata, Takashi
2008 A spatial Cliff-ord-type model with heteroskedastic innovations: small and large sample resultsArraiz, Irani / Drukker, David M. / Kelejian, Harry H. / Prucha, Ingmar R.
2008 Are there Canada-US differences in SME financing?Leung, Danny / Meh, Césaire / Terajima, Yaz
2008 Specification and estimation of spatial autoregressive models with autoregressive and heteroskedastic disturbancesKelejian, Harry H. / Prucha, Ingmar R.
2014 Impact of Earnings Smoothness on Stock Prices, Stock Returns and Future Earnings Changes – the Polish ExperienceWelc, Jacek
2012 Childhood Intelligence and Adult Mortality, and the Role of Socio-Economic StatusCramer, Jan S.
2014 Direct and indirect treatment effects: Causal chains and mediation analysis with instrumental variablesFrölich, Markus / Huber, Martin

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