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2011 Identification of credit supply shocks in a Bayesian SVAR model of the Hungary economyTamási, Bálint / Világi, Balázs
2006 Identifying the role of labor markets for monetary policy in an estimated DSGE modelChristoffel, Kai Philipp / Küster, Keith / Linzert, Tobias
2010 A Structural Vector Autorgressive (SVAR) model for the Hungarian labour marketJakab, Zoltán M. / Kaponya, Éva
2005 Estimating the effect of Hungarian monetary policy within a structural VAR frameworkVonnák, Balázs
2006 Learning, structural instability and present value calculationsPesaran, Mohammad Hashem / Pettenuzzo, Davide / Timmermann, Allan
2006 Forecasting using a large number of predictors: is Bayesian regression a valid alternative to principal components?De Mol, Christine / Giannone, Domenico / Reichlin, Lucrezia
2010 A Comparative Study of Monte Carlo Methods for Efficient Evaluation of Marginal LikelihoodsArdia, David / Basturk, Nalan / Hoogerheide, Lennart / van Dijk, Herman K.
2010 Are Education and Entrepreneurial Income Endogenous and do Family Background Variables make Sense as Instruments? A Bayesian AnalysisBlock, Joern H. / Hoogerheide, Lennart / Thurik, Roy
2009 Does the Canadian Economy suffer from Dutch Disease?Beine, Michel / Bos, Charles S. / Coulombe, Serge
2008 The information content of money in forecasting Euro area inflationBerger, Helge / Stavrev, Emil

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