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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015A reconstruction of a medical history from administrative data: With an application to the cost of skin cancerRowell, David; Gordon, Louisa G.; Olsen, Catherine M.; Whiteman, David C.
2010The global downturn and its impact on euro area exports and competitivenessdi Mauro, Filippo; Forster, Katrin; Lima, Ana
2013Financial shocks and the macroeconomy: heterogeneity and non-linearitiesHubrich, Kirstin; D’Agostino, Antonello; Cervená, Marianna; Ciccarelli, Matteo; Guarda, Paolo; Haavio, Markus; Jeanfils, Philippe; Mendicino, Caterina; Ortega, Eva; Valderrama, Maria Teresa; Valentinyiné Endrész, Marianna
2009How payment systems affect physicians' provision behaviour: An experimental investigationHennig-Schmidt, Heike; Selten, Reinhard; Wiesen, Daniel
2013Selección y utilización de niveles de desagregación adecuados en pronósticos de series temporales: Caso de estudio en una empresa de suscripción utilizando el proceso analítico jerárquicoAlvarado Valencia, Jorge Andrés; García Buitrago, Javier Alexander
2013How to Improve Patient Care? – An Analysis of Capitation, Fee-for-Service, and Mixed Payment Schemes for PhysiciansBrosig-Koch, Jeannette; Hennig-Schmidt, Heike; Kairies, Nadja; Wiesen, Daniel
2009Stochastic Dominance: Convexity and Some Efficiency TestsLizyayev, Andrey M.
2002Price incentives, non-price factors, and agricultural production in Sub-Saharan Africa: a cointegration analysisThiele, Rainer
2008A renewal theoretic result in portfolio theory under transaction costs with multiple risky assetsIrle, Albrecht; Prelle, Claas
2013Does full insurance increase the demand for health care?Boes, Stefan; Gerfin, Michael