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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011Posterior consistency in conditional density estimation by covariate dependent mixturesNorets, Andriy; Pelenis, Justinas
2012Finding relevant variables in sparse Bayesian factor models: Economic applications and simulation resultsKaufmann, Sylvia; Schumacher, Christian
2015On the interpretation of instrumental variables in the presence of specification errorsSwamy, P. A. V. B.; Tavlas, George S.; Hall, Stephen G.
2015Una nota sobre un procedimiento bayesiano para meta-análisis con datos binarios con alta presencia de cerosNegrín, Miguel A.; Martel, María; Vázquez-Polo, Francisco J.
2017Posterior Means and Precisions of the Coefficients in Linear Models with Highly Collinear RegressorsPesaran, M. Hashem; Smith, Ron P.
2016A Bayesian heterogeneous coefficients spatial autoregressive panel data model of retail fuel price rivalryLesage, James P.; Vance, Colin; Chih, Yao-Yu
2008Predicting birth-rates through German micro-census data: a comparison of probit and Boolean regressionHufnagel, Rainer
2011Confidence in prior knowledge: Calibration and impact on portfolio performanceWickern, Tobias
2009Forecast Accuracy and Economic Gains from Bayesian Model Averaging using Time Varying WeightsHoogerheide, Lennart; Kleijn, Richard; Ravazzolo, Francesco; van Dijk, Herman K.; Verbeek, Marno
2012Regional income convergence in Europe: a Bayesian model averaging perspectiveSchoiswohl, Florian; Piribauer, Philipp; Gmeinder, Michael; Koch, Matthias; Fischer, Manfred