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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013Do we need non-linear models to predict REIT returns?Case, Brad; Guidolin, Massimo; Yildirim, Yildiray
2012Linear predictability vs. bull and bear market models in strategic asset allocation decisions: Evidence from UK dataGuidolin, Massimo; Hyde, Stuart
2012Is socially responsible investing just screening? Evidence from mutual fundsHirschberger, Markus; Steuer, Ralph E.; Utz, Sebastian; Wimmer, Maximilian
2011When to cross the spread: Curve following with singular controlNaujokat, Felix; Horst, Ulrich
2011Bayesian multi-factor model of instability in prices and quantities of risk in U.S. financial marketsGuidolin, Massimo; Ravazzolo, Francesco; Tortora, Andrea Donato
2013When do jumps matter for portfolio optimization?Ascheberg, Marius; Branger, Nicole; Kraft, Holger
2011Generalized marginal rate of substitution in multiconstraint consumer's problems and their reciprocal expenditure problemsBesada, Manuel; García, Javier; Mirás, Miguel; Vázquez, Carmen
2010Financial development and economic growth: An empirical analysis for IrelandAdamopoulos, Antonios
2010The global downturn and its impact on euro area exports and competitivenessdi Mauro, Filippo; Forster, Katrin; Lima, Ana
2013Financial shocks and the macroeconomy: heterogeneity and non-linearitiesHubrich, Kirstin; D’Agostino, Antonello; Cervená, Marianna; Ciccarelli, Matteo; Guarda, Paolo; Haavio, Markus; Jeanfils, Philippe; Mendicino, Caterina; Ortega, Eva; Valderrama, Maria Teresa; Valentinyiné Endrész, Marianna