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2006 Sibling death clustering in India: state dependence vs. unobserved heterogeneityArulampalam, Wiji / Bhalotra, Sonia
2003 Improvements in Maximum Likelihood Estimators of Truncated Normal Samples with Prior Knowledge of σ. A Simulation Based Study with Application to Historical Height SamplesA'Hearn, Brian / Komlos, John
2012 Joint leisure before and after retirement: A double regression discontinuity approachStancanelli, Elena G. F. / van Soest, Arthur
2011 In- and out-of-sample specification analysis of spot rate models: Further evidence for the period 1982-2008Cai, Lili / Swanson, Norman R.
2014 Does team competition increase pro-social lending? Evidence from online microfinanceChen, Roy / Chen, Yan / Liu, Yang / Mei, Qiaozhu
2010 Measuring industry relatedness and corporate coherenceBottazzi, Giulio / Pirino, Davide
2010 Threshold bipower variation and the impact of jumps on volatility forecastingCorsi, Fulvio / Pirino, Davide / Reno, Roberto
2007 Modeling industrial evolution in geographical spaceBottazzi, Giulio / Dosi, Giovanni / Fagiolo, Giorgio / Secchi, Angelo
2009 On the Pareto Type III distributionBottazzi, Giulio
2005 Characterizing the production process: A disaggregated analysis of Italian manufacturing firmsBottazzi, Giulio / Grazzi, Marco / Secchi, Angelo

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