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DateTitle Authors
2012 The international trade network in space and timeAbbate, Angela / De Benedictis, Luca / Fagiolo, Giorgio / Tajoli, Lucia
2006 Insurance Sector RiskSlijkerman, Jan Frederik
2011 Ignorance is bliss: Rationality, information and equilibriumBarde, Sylvain
2011 A region's basic image as a measure of its attractivenessAngelis, Vasilis / Dimaki, Katerina
2010 Inequality generating processes and measurement of the Matthew effectBask, Miia / Bask, Mikael
2009 Finding all minimal CURB setsKlimm, Max / Weibull, Jörgen W.
2012 Informed selection of future climatesArndt, Channing / Fant, Charles / Robinson, Sherman / Strzepek, Kenneth
2012 Generalized Kuhn-Tucker conditions for N-firm stochastic irreversible investment under limited resourcesChiarolla, Maria B. / Ferrari, Giorgio / Riedel, Frank
2013 A stochastic reversible investment problem on a finite-time horizon: Free boundary analysisDe Angelis, Tiziano / Ferrari, Giorgio
2012 An empirical study of the Mexican banking system's network and its implications for systemic riskMartínez-Jaramillo, Serafín / Alexandrova-Kabadjova, Biliana / Bravo-Benítez, Bernardo / Solórzano-Margain, Juan Pablo

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