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DateTitle Authors
2012 Detecting correlations among functional sequence motifsPirino, Davide / Rigosa, Jacopo / Ledda, Alice / Ferretti, Luca
2013 Nonparametric Multiple Change Point Analysis of the Global Financial CrisisAllen, David E. / McAleer, Michael / Powell, Robert J. / Singh, Abhay K.
2013 Financial Dependence Analysis: Applications of Vine CopulaeAllen, David E. / Ashraf, Mohammad A. / McAleer, Michael / Powell, Robert J. / Singh, Abhay K.
2012 The Robust Nash equilibrium and equilibrium selection in 2x2 coordination gamesFabella, Raul V. / Fabella, Vigile Marie B.
2013 World welfare is rising: Estimation using nonparametric bounds on welfare measurePinkovskiy, Maxim L.
2013 Arrovian aggregation of MBA preferences: An impossibility resultHerzberg, Frederik
2013 Cobweb theorems with production lags and price forecastingDufrfesne, Daniel / Vázquez-Abad, Felisa
2009 A microeconomic explanation of the EPK paradoxHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / Krätschmer, Volker / Moro, Rouslan A.
2009 Generalized single-index models: The EFM approachCui, Xia / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl / Zhu, Lixing
2008 Cost shares, output elasticities, and substitutability constraintsKümmel, Reiner / Schmid, Jörg / Ayres, Robert U. / Lindenberger, Dietmar

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