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DateTitle Authors
2009 Fundamental uncertainty, portfolio choice, and liquidity preference theoryPasche, Markus
2006 Schumpeter and Georgescu-Roegen on the foundations of an evolutionary analysis: The problem of qualitative change, its methodical implications and analytical treatmentHeinzel, Christoph
2011 Lucas on the relationship between theory and ideologyDe Vroey, Michel
2011 Silvio Gesell: 'a strange, unduly neglected' monetary theoristIlgmann, Cordelius
2005 Vertrauen eine "Conditio sine qua non" für Kooperationen?Laske, Michael / Neunteufel, Herbert
2011 Polanyi's Great Transformation and the concept of the embedded economyVančura, Matěj
2009 Growing, innovating, convincing, approving: intellectual stimuli from Adam SmithRampa, Giorgio
1997 New Keynesianism and Aggregate Economic ActivityLindbeck, Assar
2007 Nurkse and the role of finance in development economicsKregel, Jan
2008 The discrete charm of the Washington ConsensusKregel, Jan

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