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2009 Choosing from the Reform Menu Card: Individual Determinants of Labour Market Policy PreferencesHennighausen, Tanja / Bischoff, Ivo / Heinemann, Friedrich
2010 Don't tax me? Determinants of individual attitudes toward progressive taxationHeinemann, Friedrich / Hennighausen, Tanja
2012 Werteorientierung als relevanter Erfolgsfaktor für Unternehmen im Zeitalter des SocietingSudermann, Robin Rudolf / Middleton, Arian / Frilling, Thomas
2006 Understanding and managing behavioural risks: The case of food risks caused by malpractice in poultry productionHirschauer, Norbert / Zwoll, Stefan
2013 Social preferences under risk: The role of social distanceMontinari, Natalia / Rancan, Michaela
2014 The happiness of economists: Estimating the causal effect of studying economics on subjective well-beingHaucap, Justus / Heimeshoff, Ulrich
2003 Not guilty? Another look at the nature and nurture of economics studentsHaucap, Justus
2006 Minimally acceptable altruism and the ultimatum gameRotemberg, Julio J.
2010 Is economics coursework, or majoring in economics, associated with different civic behaviors?Allgood, Sam / Bosshardt, William / van der Klaauw, Wilbert / Watts, Michael
2014 Just Hire your Spouse! Evidence from a Political Scandal in BavariaKauder, Björn / Potrafke, Niklas

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