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DateTitle Authors
2000 Die Psychologie irrationaler Wirtschaftspolitik am Beispiel des ReformstausHeinemann, Friedrich
2014 Das FAZ-Ökonomenranking 2013: Eine kritische BetrachtungWohlrabe, Klaus
2005 New approaches to ranking economics journalsKodrzycki, Yolanda K. / Yu, Pingkang David
2014 How Robust are Journal Rankings Based on the Impact Factor? Evidence from the Economic SciencesSeiler, Christian / Wohlrabe, Klaus
2013 Willingness to Share Knowledge Compared with Selected Social Psychology TheoriesKrok, Ewa
2014 Why are economists so different? Nature, nurture, and gender effects in a simple trust gameHaucap, Justus / Müller, Andrea
2004 Reciprocity and emotions : arousal, self-reports, and expectationsBen-Shakhar, Gershon / Bornstein, Gary / Hopfensitz, Astrid / van Winden, Frans
2011 Tastes, castes, and culture: The influence of society on preferencesFehr, Ernst / Hoff, Karla
2010 A neo-darwinian foundation of evolutionary economics: With an application to the theory of the firmRahmeyer, Fritz
2000 The Behavioral Impact of Emotions in a Power-to-Take Game: An Experimental StudyBosman, Ronald / van Winden, Frans

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