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2024How different are the alternative economic policy uncertainty indices? The case of European countriesBaxa, Jaromir; Šestořád, Tomáš
2024The effect of face masks on Covid transmission: A meta-analysisLušková, Martina
2024Uncertain trends in economic policy uncertaintyBuliskeria, Nino; Baxa, Jaromir; Šestořád, Tomáš
2023Profit shifting of multinational corporations worldwideGarcia-Bernardo, Javier; Janský, Petr
2023Exploring the link between diet and sustainability in Europe: A focus on meat and fish consumptionKmetkova, Diana; Scasny, Milan; Zverinova, Iva; Maca, Vojtech
2023Historical calibration of SVJD models with deep learningFičura, Milan; Witzany, Jiří
2023Public procurement and tax havensJanský, Petr; Palanskỳ, Miroslav; Skuhrovec, Jiří
2023Powering up cleaner choices: A study on the heterogenous effects of social norm-based electricity pricing on dirty fuel purchasesTurdaliev, Salim
2023Effects of corporate transparency on tax avoidance: Evidence from Country-by-Country ReportingTuinsma, Tijmen; De Witte, Kristof; Janský, Petr; Palanský, Miroslav; Titl, Vitezslav
2023Ex-prisoners and the labour market in the Czech RepublicKantová, Klára
2023Beauty and productivity in academic publishingBortnikova, Kseniya
2023The impact of dollarisation on economic growth, investment, and tradeBajrami, Fisnik
2023Unraveling timing uncertainty of event-driven connectedness among oil-based energy commoditiesBartušek, Daniel; Kočenda, Evžen
2023Fiscal consequences of corporate tax avoidanceBilicka, Katarzyna; Dubinina, Evgeniya; Janský, Petr
2023Heterogeneous effects of government energy assistance programs: Covid-19 lockdowns in the Republic of GeorgiaAlberini, Anna; Bezhanishvili, Levan; Ščasný, Milan
2023Impact of raw material price volatility on returns in electric vehicles supply chainAlekseev, Oleg; Janda, Karel; Petit, Mathieu; Zilberman, David
2023Meta-analyses of partial correlations are biased: Detection and solutionsStanley, Tom D.; Doucouliagos, Chris; Havránek, Tomáš
2023Publication bias and model uncertainty in measuring the effect of class size on achievementOpatrny, Matej; Havránek, Tomáš; Havránková, Zuzana; Scasny, Milan
2023Artificial intelligence and central bank communication: The case of the ECBFanta, Nicolas; Horváth, Roman
2023Ossified democracy as an economic problem and policies for reclaiming its performanceBenáček, Vladimír; Frič, Pavol
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 543