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DateTitle Authors
2015 What drives the demand of monetary financial institutions for domestic government bonds? Empirical evidence on the impact of Basel II and Basel IIILang, Michael / Schröder, Michael
2014 Who is afraid of the Asset Quality Review? Potential losses and capital shortfalls in the European banking systemBonczek, Thomas / Fuest, Clemens / Schröder, Michael
2014 Neue regulatorische Konzepte der Bankenaufsicht und ihre Auswirkungen auf die GesamtbanksteuerungNoack, Tim / Cremers, Heinz / Mala, Julia
2014 Default probabilities and default correlations under stressPackham, Natalie / Kalkbrener, Michael / Overbeck, Ludger
2014 The liquidity reserve funding and management strategiesHeidorn, Thomas / Buschmann, Christian
2014 The impact of fundamental and financial traders on the term structure of oilHeidorn, Thomas / Mokinski, Frieder / Rühl, Christoph / Schmaltz, Christian
2014 The lender of last resort in courtWinkler, Adalbert
2014 Messung des Marktrisikos mit generalisierter autoregressiver bedingter heteroskedastischer Modellierung der Volatilität: Ein Vergleich univariater und multivariater KonzepteKrasnosselski, Nikolai / Cremers, Heinz / Sanddorf, Walter
2013 Komponenten und Determinanten des Credit Spreads: Empirische Untersuchung während Phasen von MarktstressOdermann, Alexander / Cremers, Heinz
2013 Der lender of last resort vor GerichtWinkler, Adalbert
2013 The early warnings of balance-of-payments problems: Kaminsky and Reinhart revisitedLang, Michael
2013 Functions and characteristics of corporate and sovereign CDSVogel, Heinz-Dieter / Bannier, Christina E. / Heidorn, Thomas
2013 Determinants of the onshore and offshore Chinese Government yield curvesLoechel, Horst / Packham, Natalie / Walisch, Fabian
2013 China's evolving green planning system: Are targets the answer?Kostka, Genia
2013 Exploring the interrelation between process management and organizational culture: A critical reviewGrau, Corinna / Moormann, Jürgen
2013 Communism or communists? Soviet legacies and corruption in transition economiesLibman, Alexander / Obydenkova, Anastassia
2012 Integration des Marktliquiditätsrisikos in das Risikoanalysekonzept des Value at RiskVölker, Florian / Cremers, Heinz / Panzer, Christof
2012 Who's afraid of big bad banks? Bank competition, SME, and industry growthInklaar, Robert / Koetter, Michael / Noth, Felix
2012 Fixed income strategies for trading and for asset managementTinschert, Jonas / Cremers, Heinz
2012 What makes Chinese firms productive? Learning from indigenous and foreign sources of knowledgeBoeing, Philipp / Mueller, Elisabeth / Sandner, Philipp
2012 Moral sentiments, institutions, and civil society: Exploiting family resemblances between Smith and Hegel to resolve some conceptual issues in Sen's recent contributions to the theory of justiceBoldyrev, Ivan A. / Herrmann-Pillath, Carsten
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