CHCP Working Paper Series, University of Western Ontario

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2023Adverse selection among early adopters and unraveling innovationMcGee, Rory
2023The insurance implications of government student loan repayment schemesGervais, Martin; Liu, Qian; Lochner, Lance
2022The role of non-pecuniary considerations: Location decisions of college graduates from low income backgroundsGong, Yifan; Stinebrickner, Todd R.; Stinebrickner, Ralph; Yao, Yuxi
2022A task-based theory of occupations with multidimensional heterogeneityOcampo Díaz, Sergio
2021Innis lecture: Return on student loans in CanadaLochner, Lance; Liu, Qian; Gervais, Martin
2021Four decades of Canadian earnings inequality and dynamics across workers and firmsBowlus, Audra J.; Gouin-Bonenfant, Emilien; Liu, Huju; Lochner, Lance; Park, Youngmin
2021Wages, skills, and skill-biased technical change: The canonical model revisitedBowlus, Audra J.; Lochner, Lance; Robinson, Chris; Suleymanoglu, Eda
2021Why do couples and singles save during retirement?De Nardi, Mariacristina; French, Eric; Jones, John Bailey; McGee, Rory
2020Child skill production: Accounting for parental and market-based time and goods investmentsCaucutt, Elizabeth M.; Lochner, Lance; Mullins, Joseph; Park, Youngmin
2020The EITC and maternal time use: More time working and less time with kids?Bastian, Jacob; Lochner, Lance
2020Prices, profifits, proxies, and productionAguiar, Victor H.; Allen, Roy E.; Kashaev, Nail
2020Returns to skill and the evolution of skills for older menLiu, Qian; Lochner, Lance; Park, Youngmin; Shin, Youngki
2020Perceived and actual option values of college enrollmentGong, Yifan; Stinebrickner, Todd R.; Stinebrickner, Ralph
2020The millennials' transition from school-to-workBowlus, Audra J.; Wong, Yuet-Yee Linda
2020Optimal contracting with altruistic agents: A structural model of Medicare payments for dialysis drugsGaynor, Martin; Mehta, Nirav; Richards-Shubik, Seth
2020Self-employment and developmentHerreño, Juan; Ocampo Díaz, Sergio
2020Marriage, children, and labor supply: Beliefs and outcomesGong, Yifan; Stinebrickner, Todd R.; Stinebrickner, Ralph
2018The disability option: Labor market dynamics with macroeconomic and health risksMichaud, Amanda; Wiczer, David
2018Parental support, savings and student loan repaymentLochner, Lance; Stinebrickner, Todd R.; Suleymanoglu, Utku
2018On the identification of gross output production functionsGandhi, Amit; Navarro, Salvador; Rivers, David A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 102