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2018 Sufficient conditions of stochastic dominance for general transformations and its application in option strategyGao, Jianwei; Zhao, Feng; Gu, Yundong
2018 What moves the Beveridge curve and the Phillips curve: An agent-based analysisChen, Siyan; Desiderio, Saul
2018 A replication of "Education and catch-up in the industrial revolution" (American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 2011)Edwards, Jeremy
2018 UK national minimum wage and labor market outcomes of young workersFidrmuc, Jan; Tena, J. D.
2018 Which panel data estimator should I use? A corrigendum and extensionMoundigbaye, Mantobaye; Rea, William S.; Reed, W. Robert
2018 Development and software piracyMartínez-Sánchez, Francisco; Romeu, Andrés
2018 Treatment-effect identification without parallel pathsVandenberghe, Vincent
2018 Supporting the UN SDGs transition: Methodology for sustainability assessment and current worldwide rankingCampagnolo, Lorenza; Eboli, Fabio; Farnia, Luca; Carraro, Carlo
2018 The interaction between monetary and macroprudential policy: Should central banks 'lean against the wind' to foster macro-financial stability?Krug, Sebastian
2018 The protectionist's progress: Year 1Dadush, Uri
2018 Roads & SDGs, tradeoffs and synergies: Learning from Brazil's Amazon in distinguishing frontiersPfaff, Alexander S. P.; Robalino, Juan; Reis, Eustaquio J.; Walker, Robert; Perz, Stephen; Laurance, William; Bohrer, Claudio; Aldrich, Steven; Arima, Eugenio; Caldas, Marcellus; Kirby, Kathryn R.
2018 Optimal inflation target: Insights from an agent-based modelBouchaud, Jean-Philippe; Gualdi, Stanislao; Tarzia, Marco; Zamponi, Francesco
2018 What do aggregate saving rates (not) show?Ponomarenko, Alexey A.; Ponomarenko, Alexey N.
2018 Establishing an expert advisory commission to assist the G20's energy transformation processesLöschel, Andreas; Großkurth, Philipp; Colombier, Michel; Criqui, Patrick; Xiangwan, Du; Frei, Christoph; Gethmann, Carl Friedrich; Gummer, John; Lecocq, Franck; Parikh, Jyoti K.; Sauer, Dirk Uwe; Schlögl, Robert; Schmidt, Christoph M.; Staiß, Frithjof; Stephanos, Cyril; Tanaka, Kanako; Zhiyu, Tian; Umbach, Eberhard; Wenham, Matt; Yamada, Koichi; Cong, Yu
2018 Innovative green-technology SMEs as an opportunity to promote financial de-riskingVerdolini, Elena; Bak, Céline; Ruet, Joël; Venkatachalam, Anbumozhi
2018 The effect of ethnic diversity on income: An empirical investigation using survey data from a post-conflict environmentEfendic, Adnan; Pugh, Geoff
2018 Date-stamping US housing market explosivityBalcilar, Mehmet; Katzke, Nico; Gupta, Rangan
2018 What accounts for the increase in female labor force participation in SpainOsuna, Victoria
2018 Normalized CES supply-side system approach: How to replicate Klump, McAdam, and Willman (2007)Daniels, Gerald Eric; Kakar, Venoo
2018 Bridging the digital divide in the G20: Skills for the new ageChetty, Krish; Aneja, Urvashi; Mishra, Vidisha; Gcora, Nozibele; Josie, Jaya
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 425
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