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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 Sovereign wealth funds in central and eastern Europe: Scope and methods of financial penetrationWiśniewski, Piotr; Kamiński, Tomasz; Obroniecki, Marcin
2015 The profitability of following analyst recommendations on the Polish stock marketZaremba, Adam; Konieczka, Przemysław
2015 Selected techniques of detecting structural breaks in financial volatilityStawiarski, Bartosz
2015 Disclosures on control over financial reporting: The reporting practice of banks listed on the Warsaw Stock ExchangeGad, Jacek
2015 Causes of the outbreak of the Eurozone crisis: The role of the USA and the European Central Bank monetary policyBiałek, Natalia
2015 Commercialization as a recommended approach to hospital restructuring: Case study of Łańcut Medical CenterPatena, Wiktor; Kaszyk, Bartłomiej
2015 Estimation of the willingness-to-pay for preserving football arena in GdanskZawadzki, Krystian
2015 Requirements for intermediaries and advisors in the area of mortgages resulting from Mortgage Credit Directive: Implications for PolandWaliszewski, Krzysztof
2015 Influence of the endowment effect on the valuation of goods: An experimental verificationGawrońska, Magdalena
2015 Internal funding in the dairy industry companies in the Podlaskie province in 2010-2012Łuczaj, Jolanta
2015 The momentum effect exemplifies the influence of investors' irrational behaviour on prices of shares and stocks: An analysis of the momentum effect on the Warsaw Stock ExchangeMerło, Paweł; Konarzewski, Patryk
2015 Measurement and analysis of the efficiency of human capital in a small enterprises in PolandBagieńska, Anna
2015 Is Poland still attractive for foreign investments?Jasiniak, Magdalena
2015 Short-term currency in circulation forecasting for monetary policy purposes: The case of PolandKoziński, Witold; Świst, Tomasz
2015 Studies of firm capital structure determinants in Poland: An integrative reviewCwynar, Andrzej; Cwynar, Wiktor; Dankiewicz, Robert
2015 R&D tax incentives for innovation and managerial decisionsWalicka, Monika; Prystrom, Joanna
2015 Venture capital and private equity investment strategies in selected European countriesDziekoński, Krzysztof; Ignatiuk, Sławomir
2015 High propensity to pay dividends by state-controlled companies in Poland: Tunneling or maturity effect?Kowerski, Mieczysław
2015 Is there any relation between intellectual capital and the capital structure of a company? The case of Polish listed companiesBolek, Monika; Lyroudi, Katerina
2015 The influence of currency risk upon the market value of commercial banks operating in the Polish banking sectorKorzeb, Zbigniew
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 149