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DateTitle Authors
2008 An investigation on the shuttle trade dynamics of a small-open-economySahin, Afsin / Akdi, Yilmaz / Atakan, Cemal
2008 Threshold conditions' and regional convergence in European agricultureAlexiadis, Stilianos / Alexandrakis, Alexandros
2008 Efficiency measurement in Greek dairy farms: Stochastic frontier vs. data envelopment analysisTheodoridis, A. M. / Psychoudakis, A.
2008 The cooperation of Fyrom's local authority agencies with local authorities in the European Union and the BalkansMagoulios, Giorgos
2008 The board of directors and its role in the corporate governance system: Considerations about the control model ; a research noteGstraunthaler, Thomas / Lukács, János / Steller, Marcel
2008 The role of trust in the resource allocation process of an old universityManochin, Melina M.
2008 Imperialism: Old and new theoriesStathakis, George
2008 ForewordKarasavvoglou, Anastasios
2008 Financial literacy of youth: A sensitivity analysis of the determinantsSamy, Martin / Tawfik, H. / Huang, R. / Nagar, A. K.
2008 A review of the rationales for corporate risk management: Fashion or the need?Sprčić, Danijela Miloš / Tekavčič, Metka / Šević, Željko
2008 Gender discrimination and institutional frameworks: Evidence from four european union countriesDrakopoulos, S. A. / Theodossiou, I. / Drakopoulou Dodd, Sarah
2009 Essay on international financial crisis and endogenous growth theoryMolochny, Boris
2009 200 Jahre Darwin und 250 Jahre Theory of Moral Sentiments von Adam Smith: Zur Aktualität eines vergessenen WerkesBluemle, Gerold
2009 ForewordKarasavvoglou, Anastasios
2009 Crisis and corporate social responsibility: Threat or opportunity?Souto, Belén Fernández-Feijóo
2009 On the dynamics of the Greek twin deficits: Empirical evidence over the period 1960 - 2007Panagiotis, Pantelidis / Emmanouil, Trachanas / Athanasios, Athanasenas L. / Constantinos, Katrakilidis
2009 The effect of socio-economic determinants on crime rates: An empirical research in the case of Greece with cointegration analysisNikolaos, Dritsakis / Alexandros, Gkanas
2009 The financial crisis: Caused by unpreventable or organized failures?Müssig, Anke
2009 The use of the DEA method for simultaneous analysis of the interrelationships among economic growth, environmental pollution and energy consumptionBampatsou, Christina / Hadjiconstantinou, George
2009 Environmental benefit, side effects and objective-oriented financing of agri-environmental measures: Case study of PolandZiolkowska, Jadwiga
2009 Cost effectiveness of paying value added tax from the viewpoint of businessesSopková, Eva
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