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DateTitle Authors
Feb-2015 How Learning a Musical Instrument Affects the Development of SkillsHille, Adrian / Schupp, Jürgen
2015 Long Working Hours and Alcohol Use: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Published Studies and Unpublished Individual Participant DataVirtanen, Marianna / Jokela, Markus / Nyberg, Solja T / Madsen, Ida E H / Lallukka, Tea / Ahola, Kirsi / Alfredsson, Lars / Batty, G David / Bjorner, Jakob B / Borritz, Marianne / Burr, Hermann / Casini, Annalisa / Clays, Els / De Bacquer, Dirk / Dragano, Nico / Erbel, Raimund / Ferrie, Jane E / Fransson, Eleonor I / Hamer, Mark / Heikkilä, Katriina / Jöckel, Karl-Heinz / Kittel, France / Knutsson, Anders / Koskenvuo, Markku / Ladwig, Karl-Heinz / Lunau, Thorsten / Nielsen, Martin L / Nordin, Maria / Oksanen, Tuula / Pejtersen, Jan H / Pentti, Jaana / Rugulies, Reiner / Salo, Paula / Schupp, Jürgen / Siegrist, Johannes / Singh-Manoux, Archana / Steptoe, Andrew / Suominen, Sakari B / Theorell, Töres / Vahtera, Jussi / Wagner, Gert G / Westerholm, Peter J M / Westerlund, Hugo / Kivimäki, Mika
Dec-2014 Personality Has Minor Effects on Panel AttritionRichter, David / Körtner, John L. / Saßenroth, Denise
Nov-2014 Examining the Structure of Spatial Health Effects in Germany Using Hierarchical Bayes ModelsEibich, Peter / Ziebarth, Nicolas
Oct-2014 Does Job Loss Make You Smoke and Gain Weight?Marcus, Jan
Apr-2014 Validating Abbreviated Measures of Effort-Reward Imbalance at Work in European Cohort Studies : the IPD-Work ConsortiumSiegrist, Johannes / Dragano, Nico / Nyberg, Solja T. / Lunau, Thorsten / Alfredsson, Lars / Erbel, Raimund / Fahlén, Göran / Goldberg, Marcel / Jöckel, Karl-Heinz / Knutsson, Anders / Leineweber, Constanze / Magnusson Hanson, Linda L. / Nordin, Maria / Rugulies, Reiner / Schupp, Jürgen / Singh-Manoux, Archana / Theorell, Töres / Wagner, Gert G. / Westerlund, Hugo / Zins, Marie / Heikkilä, Katriina / Fransson, Eleonor I. / Kivimäki, Mika
Mar-2014 Paneldaten in der Soziologie: Fixed Effects Paradigma und empirische Praxis in Panelregression und EreignisanalyseGiesselmann, Marco / Windzio, Michael
Mar-2014 Growth trajectories in the strength of party identification: The legacy of autocratic regimesKroh, Martin
Feb-2014 Institutional Rearing Is Associated with Lower General Life Satisfaction in AdulthoodRichter, David / Lemola, Sakari
Jan-2014 How Important Is the Family? Evidence from Sibling Correlations in Permanent Earnings in the USA, Germany, and DenmarkSchnitzlein, Daniel D.
Jan-2014 Analyzing Regional Variation in Health Care Utilization Using (Rich) Household MicrodataEibich, Peter / Ziebarth, Nicolas R.
2014 Perceived Personal Control Buffers Terminal Decline in Well-BeingGerstorf, Denis / Heckhausen, Jutta / Ram, Nilam / Infurna, Frank J. / Schupp, Jürgen / Wagner, Gert
Dec-2013 Stability and Change in Affective Experience Across the Adult Life Span: Analyses With a National Sample From GermanyKunzmann, Ute / Richter, David / Schmukle, Stefan C.
Oct-2013 Daten für die epidemiologische AltersforschungFuchs, Judith / Grabka, Markus Michael / Gruber, Stefan / Linkohr, Birgit / Schmidt, Carsten Oliver / Schön, Gerhard / Wurm, Susanne / Strobl, Ralf / Grill, Eva
Sep-2013 The Course of Subjective Sleep Quality in Middle and Old Adulthood and Its Relation to Physical HealthLemola, Sakari / Richter, David
Aug-2013 Validating an Ultra-Short Survey Measure of PatienceVischer, Thomas / Dohmen, Thomas / Falk, Armin / Huffman, David / Schupp, Jürgen / Sunde, Uwe / Wagner, Gert G.
May-2013 Statistical Matching of Administrative and Survey Data: An Application to Wealth Inequality AnalysisRasner, Anika / Frick, Joachim R. / Grabka, Markus M.
May-2013 The Effect of Unemployment on the Mental Health of Spouses – Evidence from plant closures in GermanyMarcus, Jan
May-2013 Partnership Longevity and Personality Congruence in CouplesRammstedt, Beatrice / Spinath, Frank M. / Richter, David / Schupp, Jürgen
Mar-2013 Spillover Effects of Maternal Education on Child's Health and Health BehaviorKemptner, Daniel / Marcus, Jan
Mar-2013 SHARELIFE - One Century of Life Histories in EuropeBörsch-Supan, Axel / Brandt, Martina / Schröder, Mathis
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