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DateTitle Authors
2013 Banking and the macroeconomy in China: A banking crisis deferred?Le, Vo Phuong Mai / Matthews, Kent / Meenagh, David / Minford, Patrick / Xiao, Zhiguo
2013 What we can learn about the behavior of firms from the average monthly frequency of price-changes: An application to the UK CPI dataDixon, Huw / Tian, Kun
2013 Arrow's paradox and markets for nonproprietary informationLeppälä, Samuli
2013 Dodging the steamroller: Fundamentals versus the carry tradeCopeland, Laurence / Lu, Wenna
2013 The dynamics of trading duration, volume and price volatility: A vector MEM modelXu, Yongdeng
2013 Recruitment to organised crimeLong, Iain W.
2013 Partial collusion and foreign direct investmentCollie, David R. / Norman, George
2013 A Monte Carlo procedure for checking identification in DSGE modelsLe, Vo Phuong Mai / Minford, Patrick / Wickens, Michael
2013 What causes banking crises? An empirical investigation for the world economyLe, Vo Phuong Mai / Meenagh, David / Minford, Patrick / Ou, Zhirong
2013 Weak exogeneity in the financial point processesXu, Yongdeng
2013 Testing and estimating models using indirect inferenceLe, Vo Phuong Mai / Meenagh, David
2012 Comparing behavioural and rational expectations for the US post-war economyLiu, Chunping / Minford, Patrick
2012 What causes banking crises? An empirical investigationVo Phuong Mai Le / Meenagh, David / Minford, Patrick
2012 On imperfect competition with occasionally binding cash-in-advance constraintsDixon, Huw / Pourpourides, Panayiotis M.
2012 Testing macroeconomic models by indirect inference on unfiltered dataMeenagh, David / Minford, Patrick / Wickens, Michael
2012 Monte Carlo experiments on bootstrap DEATziogkidis, Panagiotis
2012 Taking multi-sector dynamic general equilibrium models to the dataDixon, Huw / Kara, Engin
2012 How important is the credit channel? An empirical study of the US banking crisisLiu, Chunping / Minford, Patrick
2012 Seasonal cycles in the housing marketSelcuk, Cemil
2012 Testing DSGE models by indirect inference and other methods: Some Monte Carlo experimentsVo Phuong Mai Le / Meenagh, David / Minford, Patrick / Wickens, Michael
2012 Ideas production in emerging economiesLuintel, Kul B. / Khan, Mosahid
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