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DateTitle Authors
1998 A generalisation of the Stolper-Samuelson theorem with diversified households: A tale of two matricesLloyd, P. J.
1998 Dynamic sectoral linkages and structural change in a developing economyGemmell, Norman / Lloyd, Tim / Mathew, Marina
1998 Aid and the public sector in Pakistan: Evidence with endogenous aidFranco-Rodriguez, Susana / McGillivray, Mark / Morrissey, Oliver
1998 New evidence on the impact of foreign aid on economic growthDurbarry, Ramesh / Gemmell, Norman / Greenaway, David
1998 Protection, trade policy and transport costs: Effective taxation of Ugandan exportersMilner, Chris / Morrissey, Oliver / Rudaheranwa, Nicodemus
1998 Ugandan trade policy and export performance in the 1990sMorrissey, Oliver / Rudaheranwa, Nicodemus
1998 Determinants of exports and investment of manufacturing firms in TanzaniaGrenier, Louise / McKay, Andrew / Morrissey, Oliver
1998 Aggregate export and food crop supply response in TanzaniaMacKay, Andrew D. / Morrissey, Oliver / Vaillant, Charlotte
1998 Globalisation, international factor movements and market adjustmentsLloyd, P. J.
1998 External disturbances and macroeconomic performance in Sub-Saharan AfricaBleaney, Michael / Greenaway, David
1998 Investigating the relationship between aid and trade flowsLloyd, Tim / McGillivray, Mark / Morrissey, Oliver / Osei, Robert
1999 The measurement of poverty with geographical and intertemporal price dispersionMuller, Christophe
1999 Women's employment, intra-household bargaining and distribution: A two-sector analysisDasgupta, Indraneel
1999 Competition and business confidence in manufacturing enterprises in TanzaniaGrenier, Louise / McKay, Andrew / Morrissey, Oliver
1999 Hey and Orme go to Gara Godo: Household risk preferencesCummins, Ewen
1999 The spatial association of price indices and living standardsMuller, Christophe
1999 Exchange rate regimes, inflation and output volatility in developing countriesBleaney, Michael / Fielding, David
1999 Portfolio capital flows to emerging marketsBleaney, Michael / Mizen, Paul / Senatla, Lesedi
1999 Is there an aid Laffer curve?Lensink, Robert / White, Howard
1999 Uncertainty of aid inflows and the aid-growth relationshipLensink, Robert / Morrissey, Oliver
1999 Censored quantile regressions of poverty in RwandaMuller, Christophe
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