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DateTitle Authors
2014 Early public banksRoberds, William / Velde, François R.
2014 Home hours in the United States and EuropeFang, Lei / McDaniel, Cara
2014 Inference based on SVARs identified with sign and zero restrictions: Theory and applicationsArias, Jonas E. / Rubio-Ramírez, Juan F. / Waggoner, Daniel F.
2014 The response of stock market volatility to futures-based measures of monetary policy shocksGospodinov, Nikolay / Jamali, Ibrahim
2014 Family welfare and the Great RecessionHotchkiss, Julie L. / Moore, Robert E. / Rios-Avila, Fernando
2014 Adjusted employment-to-population ratio as an indicator of labor market strengthHotchkiss, Julie L.
2014 Minimum distance estimation of dynamic models with errors-in-variablesGospodinov, Nikolay / Komunjer, Ivana / Ng, Serena
2014 Trimmed-mean inflation statistics: Just hit the one in the middleMeyer, Brent / Venkatu, Guhan
2014 Risk, return, and volatility feedback: A Bayesian nonparametric analysisJensen, Mark J. / Maheu, John M.
2014 Human capital dynamics and the U.S. labor marketFang, Lei / Nie, Jun
2014 Liquidity premia, price-rent dynamics, and business cyclesMiao, Jianjun / Wang, Pengfei / Zha, Tao
2014 Perturbation methods for Markov-switching DSGE modelsFoerster, Andrew / Rubio-Ramírez, Juan / Waggoner, Daniel F. / Zha, Tao
2014 Spurious inference in unidentified asset-pricing modelsGospodinov, Nikolay / Kan, Raymond / Robotti, Cesare
2014 The effect of large investors on asset quality: Evidence from subprime mortgage securitiesAdelino, Manuel / Frame, W. Scott / Gerardi, Kristopher S.
2014 Hedging and pricing in imperfect markets under non-convexityAssa, Hirbod / Gospodinov, Nikolay
2014 GDPNow: A model for GDP "nowcasting"Higgins, Patrick
2013 The adoption of stress testing: Why the Basel capital measures were not enoughWall, Larry D.
2013 Misspecification-robust inference in linear asset pricing models with irrelevant risk factorsGospodinov, Nikolay / Kan, Raymond / Robotti, Cesare
2013 A moment-matching method for approximating vector autoregressive processes by finite-state Markov chainsGospodinov, Nikolay / Lkhagvasuren, Damba
2013 Minimum distance estimation of possibly non-invertible moving average modelsGospodinov, Nikolay / Ng, Serena
2013 Labor market polarization and international macroeconomic dynamicsMandelman, Federico S.
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