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DateTitle Authors
2012 The effect of disability insurance receipt on labor supply: A dynamic analysisFrench, Eric / Song, Jae
2012 Spending responses to state sales tax holidaysAgarwal, Sumit / McGranahan, Leslie
2012 Paying for performance: The education impacts of a community college scholarship program for low-income adultsBarrow, Lisa / Richburg-Hayes, Lashawn / Rouse, Cecilia Elena / Brock, Thomas
2012 Empirical research on sovereign debt and defaultTomz, Michael / Wright, Mark L. J.
2012 Emerging economies, trade policy, and macroeconomic shocksBown, Chad P. / Crowley, Meredith A.
2012 Medicaid insurance in old ageDe Nardi, Mariacristina / French, Eric / Jones, John Bailey
2012 The Chicago Fed DSGE ModelBrave, Scott A. / Campbell, Jeffrey R. / Fisher, Jonas D. M. / Justiniano, Alejandro
2012 Institutions, the cost of capital, and long-run economic growth: Evidence from the 19th century capital marketAlquist, Ron / Cha, Ben
2012 Repos, fire sales, and bankruptcy policyAntinolfi, Gaetano / Carapella, Francesca / Kahn, Charles / Martin, Antoine / Mills, David / Nosal, Ed
2012 Signaling effects of monetary policyMelosi, Leonardo
2012 Macroeconomic effects of Federal Reserve forward guidanceCampbell, Jeffrey R. / Evans, Charles L. / Fisher, Jonas D. M. / Justiniano, Alejandro
2012 Micro data and macro technologyOberfield, Ezra / Raval, Devesh
2012 Fetal origins and parental responsesAlmond, Douglas / Mazumder, Bhashkar
2012 Credit risk and disaster riskGourio, François
2012 Modeling credit contagion via the updating of fragile beliefsBenzoni, Luca / Collin-Dufresne, Pierre / Goldstein, Robert S. / Helwege, Jean
2012 Using vehicle taxes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions rates of new passenger vehicles: Evidence from France, Germany, and SwedenKlier, Thomas / Linn, Joshua
2012 From the horse's mouth: How do investor expectations of risk and return vary with economic conditions?Amromin, Gene / Sharpe, Steven A.
2012 Self-enforcing trade agreements: Evidence from time-varying trade policyBown, Chad P. / Crowley, Meredith A.
2012 Speculative runs on interest rate pegs: The frictionless caseBassetto, Marco / Phelan, Christopher
2011 Estimation of panel data regression models with two-sided censoring or truncationAlan, Sule / Honoré, Bo E. / Hu, Luojia / Leth-Petersen, Søren
2011 Federal reserve policies and financial market conditions during the crisisBrave, Scott A. / Genay, Hesna
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