Working Papers, Economics Department, UC Santa Cruz

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2015 How do extreme global shocks affect foreign portfolio investment? An event study for IndiaYaha, Anick; Singh, Nirvikar; Rabanal, Jean Paul
2015 Market failures and misallocationShenoy, Ajay
2015 Aggregate dynamics in a large virtual economy: Prices and real activity in Team Fortress 2Baumer, Matt; Kephart, Curtis
2015 The random walk of high frequency tradingAldrich, Eric M.; Heckenbach, Indra; Laughlin, Gregory
2015 Punjab's agricultural innovation challengeSingh, Nirvikar
2015 Emergence of networks and market institutions in a large virtual economyKephart, Curtis; Friedman, Daniel; Baumer, Matt
2015 Heterogeneous patterns of financial development: Implications for Asian financial integrationBun, Linh; Singh, Nirvikar
2015 Breaking the mold: Thoughts on Punjab's future economic developmentSingh, Nirvikar
2014 Risky income or lumpy investments? Evidence on two theories of under-specializationShenoy, Ajay
2014 A community college instructor like me: Race and ethnicity interactions in the classroomFairlie, Robert W.; Hoffmann, Florian; Oreopoulos, Philip
2014 Behind the GATE experiment: Evidence on effects of and rationales for subsidized entrepreneurship trainingFairlie, Robert W.; Karlan, Dean; Zinman, Jonathan
2014 Information technology and its role in India's economic development: A reviewSingh, Nirvikar
2013 Experimental evidence on the effects of home computers on academic achievement among schoolchildrenFairlie, Robert W.; Robinson, Jonathan
2013 Analyzing the structural change and growth relationship in India: State-level evidenceCortuk, Orcan; Singh, Nirvikar
2013 Regional inequality in India in the 1990s: A further lookSingh, Nirvikar; Kendall, Jake; Jain, R. K.; Chander, Jai
2013 Does too much finance harm economic growth?Singh, Nirvikar; Law, Siong Hook
2013 The cost of benefits, financial conditions, and employment dynamics in recent U.S. RecoveriesGu, Grace Weishi
2013 Financial integration in East Asia: Past, present and possible futuresKaur, Inderjit N.; Singh, Nirvikar
2013 The impact of city contracting set-asides on black self-employment and employmentChatterji, Aaron K.; Chay, Kenneth Y.; Fairlie, Robert W.
2013 Access to technology and the transfer function of community colleges: Evidence from a field experimentFairlie, Robert W.; Grunberg, Samantha H.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 144