Upjohn Institute Working Papers, W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 The potential effects of federal health insurance reforms on employment arrangements and compensationDillender, Marcus; Heinrich, Carolyn J.; Houseman, Susan N.
2015 Effects of the minimum wage on employment dynamicsMeer, Jonathan; West, Jeremy
2015 The impact of affirmative action on the employment of minorities and women over three decades: 1973-2003Kurtulus, Fidan Ana
2015 Who believes in me? The effect of student-teacher demographic match on teacher expectationsGershenson, Seth; Holt, Stephen B.; Papageorge, Nicholas
2015 Performance standards and employee effort: Evidence from teacher absencesGershenson, Seth
2015 Temporary help employment in recession and recoveryHouseman, Susan N.; Heinrich, Carolyn J.
2015 The effect of health insurance on workers' compensation filing: Evidence from the affordable care act's age-based threshold for dependent coverageDillender, Marcus
2015 Jobless capital? The role of capital subsidiesPatrick, Carlianne E.
2015 Intergovernmental (dis)incentives, free-riding, teacher salaries and teacher pensionsFitzpatrick, Maria D.
2015 The effect of Medicare eligibility on spousal insurance coverageDillender, Marcus; Mulligan, Karen
2015 The effects of the Kalamazoo Promise scholarship on college enrollment, persistence, and completionBartik, Timothy J.; Hershbein, Brad J.; Lachowska, Marta
2015 Military retention incentives: Evidence from the Air Force selective reenlistment bonusJoffrion, Justin; Wozny, Nathan
2015 Use of unemployment insurance and public employment services after leaving welfareO'Leary, Christopher J.
2015 Medicaid and the labor supply of single mothers: Implications for health care reformPohl, Vincent
2015 Inference on causal effects in a generalized Regression Kink DesignCard, David; Lee, David S.; Pei, Zhuan; Weber, Andrea
2015 Should UI eligibility be expanded to low-earning workers? Evidence on employment, transfer receipt, and income from administrative dataLeung, Pauline; O'Leary, Christopher J.
2015 Who benefits from a minimum wage increase?Lopresti, John W.; Mumford, Kevin J.
2015 Mandate-based health reform and the labor market: Evidence from the Massachusetts reformKolstad, Jonathan T.; Kowalski, Amanda E.
2015 Trade reform and regional dynamics: Evidence from 25 years of Brazilian matched employer-employee dataDix-Carneiro, Rafael; Kovak, Brian K.
2015 Eligibility recertification and dynamic opt-in incentives in income-tested social programs: Evidence from Medicaid/CHIPPei, Zhuan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 146