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Jahrestagung des Vereins für Socialpolitik 2012: Neue Wege und Herausforderungen für den Arbeitsmarkt des 21. Jh.

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Session Title No. of documents
A10 Ageing and Labor Market 2
C21 Antitrust Issues and Competition 2
G18 Asset Pricing and Financial Markets 1
D17 Bank Risk Taking and Monetary Policy 1
F15 Banking 1
B15 Banking and Macroeconomics 2
E15 Banking and Public Policy 1
C20 Conflict and Disputes 1
D05 Credit Markets 1
F13 Credit and Liquidity Risk 1
G11 Distribution 1
A14 Economic Growth I 1
D14 Economic Growth and Human Capital 2
B09 Education 1
A19 Education and Crime 1
A12 Education and Terrorism 1
D13 Education, Labor and Fertility 1
F06 Energy Markets 2
D20 Environment and Scrappage Programs 1
F18 Estimated Macro Models 1
E16 Exchange Rates 1
F14 Finance and Development 1
A18 Financial Market Regulation 1
F05 Firm Behavior 2
G19 Firm Behavior - Empirical 2
A11 Fiscal Policy I 2
D01 Gender Differences, Children, Labor Markets 1
B07 General Equilibrium and Disequilibrium 1
C13 Grading in School 1
E11 Health Insurance and Screening 1
D12 Health and Welfare 2
E02 Households 3
E10 Hybrid Forms of Regulation and Governance 1
C18 Information and the Macroeconomy 2
G13 Innovation and Growth 1
E03 Innovation and Network Industries 1
A16 International Finance 1
G03 International Trade and Finance 1
B08 Labor Market Policy Evaluation 2
B06 Labor Markets I 1
G06 Labor Markets III 2
F07 Labor Markets and Non-Labor Market Outcomes 2
D18 Labor Markets and Optimal Policy 1
B14 Labor Markets in Macroeconomics 1
A01 Local Labor Markets and Migration 1
F08 Long-Term Labor Market Outcomes, Ageing 1
E08 Matching, Search and Employment 1
B01 Measurement of Poverty and Malnutrition 1
D07 Mechanisms 1
D09 Microeconometrics and Statistics 2
B03 Migration I 1
D03 Migration II 1
G09 Minimum Wages, Collective Bargaining 2
E17 Monetary Policy 1
E14 Monetary Policy and Financial Markets 3
F17 Monetary Unions 1
D11 Multinational Taxation 1
B10 Occupations, Employment, and Wages 1
E19 Organization Theory: Committees and Corruption 2
D19 Political Alliances and Federations 1
D10 Political Economy I 1
G10 Political Economy II 1
E18 Portfolios and Savings 1
B05 Procurement 1
D21 Regulation and Industrial Policy 1
C06 Social Groups 1
F16 Stockmarket Performance 1
B02 Tax competition 2
E05 The Economics of Science and Education 1
C05 Theoretical Law and Economics 1
C09 Time Series Econometrics I 1
E09 Time Series Econometrics II 1
F02 Transfers 1
B18 Transition out of Unemployment 2
A03 Treatment Effects 1
A17 Unconventional Monetary Policy 1
A09 Voting 1
G20 Welfare Economics and Externalities 1