23rd European Regional ITS Conference, Vienna 2012

This collection contains papers of the

2012 European Regional ITS Conference
Vienna 1-4 July, 2012

The 23rd European Regional ITS Conference addresses a wide range of subjects related to fixed and mobile telecommunication markets, Internet economics, market regulation and country specific telecommunication developments.

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2012 Mobile only users powered by fixed-mobile substitutionLiangy, Julienne; Petulowa, Marc
2012 Polynomics telecommunication regulation index 2012Zenhaeuserna, Patrick; Schneiderb, Yves
2012 Issues affecting the evalution of the beneficial effect of new technologies and ways to solve these issuesButenko, V.; Nazarenko, A.; Sarian, V.; Suschenko, N.
2012 How can mobile music streaming service take of in India, China und Indonesia? Analysis of drivers and obstaclesSelvakumar, Ekambar; Huang, Jin; Aidi, Laili; Markendahl, Jan I.; Tollmar, Konrad; Blennerud, Greger
2012 Network neutrality and consumer discrimination: Comparing ISP's GTCs and DPI applicationGrove, Nico; Agic, Damir; Sedlmeir, Joachim
2012 Different regulation paths towards cognitive radio technologies: Cases of Finland and ChileBasaure, Arturo; Casey, Thomas R.; Hämmäinen, Heikki
2012 Where should governments invest? The impact of economic, political, social and technological factors on the formation of new firmsGarcia-Murillo, Martha; Velez-Ospina, Jorge Andres; Vargas-Leon, Patricia
2012 Understanding the dynamics of broadband markets: A comparative case study of Flanders and the NetherlandsVan der Wee, Marlies; Verbrugge, Sofie; Lemstra, Wolter
2012 Creative and adaptive responses in technological changeCecere, Grazia
2012 Assessing a relative technological competitiveness using patent and paper information at the country level: Model and application in mobile communicationsCho, Ilgu
2012 How large is the magnitude of fixed-mobile call substitution? Empirical evidence from 16 Europen countriesBarth, Anne-Kathrin; Heimeshoff, Ulrich
2012 Should next generation access networks fall within the scope of universal service? A EU 27 perspectiveNucciarelli, Alberto; Sadowski, Bert M.; Ruhle, Ernst-Olav
2012 Net neutrality under usage-based pricing: A game-theoretic analysis with user loyaltyTrinh, Tuan Anh; Abos, Imre; Sallai, Gyula
2012 An event study of the first telecommunications spectrum auction in Korea and "the winner's curse"Lee, Hyeongjik; Seol, Seong-ho; Kweon, Soo Cheon
2012 Strategic and economic aspects of network sharing in FTTH/PON architecturesRendon Schneir, Juan; Xiong, Yupeng
2012 Clustering, connectivity and hierarchies in the internet global supply chain networksD'Ignazio, Alessio; Giovannetti, Emanuele
2012 Incentive to invest in improving the quality in telecommunication industryJeanjean, François
2012 Regulation of international roaming data services within the EUFalch, Morten
2012 The role of public policies in the universalization of the broadband in SpainFrías, Zoraida; Vergara, Arturo; Pérez, Jorge
2012 Open innovation strategy of Japanese SMEs: From viewpoint of ICT use and innovative technologyIdota, Hiroki; Bunno, Teruyuki; Tsuji, Masatsugu
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 63
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