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DateTitle Authors
2015 Sovereign credit ratings and the transnationalization of finance: Evidence from a gravity model of portfolio investmentKörner, Finn Marten / Trautwein, Hans-Michael
2015 Enjoyment takes time: Some implications for choice theoryNisticò, Sergio
2015 Resurgence of the endogeneity-backed instrumental variable methodsQin, Duo
2015 Conflict in the profit-led growth modelCorrea, Romar
2015 Incentives in supply function equilibriumVetter, Henrik
2015 Income inequality and health: Evidence from developed and developing countriesHerzer, Dierk / Nunnenkamp, Peter
2015 Entrepreneurship, knowledge, and the industrial revolutionAttar, M. Aykut
2015 Indirect taxation, public pricing and price cap regulation: A synthesisValentini, Edilio
2015 Distance, production, virtual trade and growth: A noteMandal, Biswajit
2014 The magic of storytelling: How curiosity and aesthetic preferences workBianchi, Marina
2014 Tail dependence of financial stocks and CDS markets: Evidence using copula methods and simulation-based inferenceda Silva, Paulo Pereira / Rebelo, Paulo Tomaz / Afonso, Cristina
2014 Spurious middlemen in corrupt transactionsBayar, Güzin
2014 Islands in trade: Disentangling distance from border effectsGroizard, José Luis / Marques, Helena / Santana, María
2014 Values and labor force participation in the Nordic countriesHall, Axel / Zoega, Gylfi
2014 Consistent estimation in pseudo panels in the presence of selection biasMora, Jhon James / Muro, Juan
2014 Optimal rules for central bank interest rates subject to zero lower boundSingh, Ajay Pratap / Nikolaou, Michael
2014 Over-confidence and low-cost heuristics: An experimental investigation of choice behaviorCicognani, Simona / Mittone, Luigi
2014 Systematic fiscal policy and macroeconomic performance: A critical overview of the literatureReicher, Claire
2014 Relative profit maximization and Bertrand equilibrium with convex cost functionsSatoh, Atsuhiro / Tanaka, Yasuhito
2014 Reduction of income inequality and subjective well-being in EuropeHajdu, Tamás / Hajdu, Gábor
2014 Approaches to well-being, use of psychology and paternalism in economicsCollewet, Marion
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