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2018 Why women don't ask: Gender differences in fairness perceptions of own wages and subsequent wage growthPfeifer, Christian; Stephan, Gesine
2018 The 2015 refugee crisis in Germany: Concerns about immigration and populismSola, Alessandro
2018 Can personality traits explain glass ceilings?Collischon, Matthias
2018 Do rich parents enjoy children less?Le Moglie, Marco; Mencarini, Letizia; Rapallini, Chiara
2018 Removing the stigma of divorce: Happiness before and after remarriageLee, Sueheon
2018 Great expectations: Reservation wages and the minimum wage reformFedorets, Alexandra; Filatov, Alexey; Shupe, Cortnie
2018 Free daycare and its effects on children and their familiesBusse, Anna; Gathmann, Christina
2018 Social subsidies and marketization: The role of gender and skillDuval-Hernández, Robert; Fang, Lei; Ngai, Liwa Rachel
2018 Opportunity versus necessity entrepreneurship: Two components of business creationFairlie, Robert W.; Fossen, Frank M.
2018 Mehr oder weniger arbeiten? Es kommt darauf an, wie man fragtTobsch, Verena; Matiaske, Wenzel; Holst, Elke; Schmidt, Tanja; Seifert, Hartmut
2018 Do working hours affect health? Evidence from statutory workweek regulations in GermanyCygan-Rehm, Kamila; Wunder, Christoph
2018 The impact of minimum wages on well-being: Evidence from a quasi-experiment in GermanyGülal, Filiz; Ayaita, Adam
2018 The intergenerational effects of unemployment: How parental unemployment affects educational transitions in GermanyLindemann, Kristina; Gangl, Markus
2018 Media coverage and immigration worries: Econometric evidenceBenesch, Christine; Loretz, Simon; Stadelmann, David; Thomas, Tobias
2018 Parental unemployment and the transition into tertiary education: Can institutions moderate the adverse effects?Lindemann, Kristina; Gangl, Markus
2018 How cohabitation, marriage, separation and divorce influence BMI: A prospective panel studyMata, Jutta; Richter, David; Schneider, Thorsten; Hertwig, Ralph
2018 Age differences in intertemporal choice: U-shaped associations in a probability sample of German householdsRichter, David; Mata, Rui
2018 AfD-Unterstützer sind nicht abgehängt, sondern ausländerfeindlichSchröder, Martin
2018 Wie gut funktioniert das Onomastik-Verfahren? Ein Test am Beispiel des SOEP-DatensatzesLiebau, Elisabeth; Humpert, Andreas; Schneiderheinze, Klaus
2017 Voluntary turnover: What we measure and what it (really) meansWill, Matthias Georg
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 959